Wrestling voted back for Tokyo Olympics


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Squash never had a chance against wrestling but wrestling never should`ve been on the chopping block.

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I never really understood how or why wresting was on the chopping block in the first place. That's like saying, lets get rid of the 100m dash. It is the most ancient of ancient and has been around since the very first Olympics. Its nice to see that it will be around, at least for a few more Olympics.

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I don't know why people here are happy about wrestling getting back in. All of the Olympians like Yoshida will be retired by then. Baseball would have been the most popular sport in the 2020 games by far for Japanese as it has been since they started letting pros in.

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Well, THANK YOU IOC for retaining the only relevant sport in the Summer Olympics.

Honestly, what were they thinking?

Wrestling IS THE OLYMPICS!!!

It's not just about Running, Poll Vaulting, Shot Put, Discus Throw, and Swimming - It's about WRESTING!

Ping Pong or better known as "Table Tennis" - I mean, like who watches that sleeper?

Take Ping Pong off the docket if you wanna take something out.

Besides only the Chinese seem to dominate Ping Pong so that's even a better reason to take it away ;)

Bring back Baseball and cut Ping Pong and Baskett Ball.

The ONLY thing the IOC has done that has made ANY SENSE was awarding Tokyo the 2020 Summer Games.

Oh and a final footnote: "Stun Guns" need to be banned and confiscated by IOC Security. I read that some country was using their protective "Stun Guns" on their own Swimmers in order to give them a SHOCK aka A Boost of Mad Adrenaline before they swam. I'm not going to name names, but the IOC needs to take away the Stun Guns.

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Men and women around the world with cauliflower ears and necks like tree trunks are now rejoicing!

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Not sure if squash or BBall/SBall should be in the Olympics but clearly the "sports" which I think are better referred to as performances, like rhythmic gymnastics & sync. swimming while amazing to watch I don't feel they should be events at Olympics, I don't mean to single out those two as there are others as well.

I just think its damned near impossible to "judge" some of these in any reasonable & fair way for medals, especially when there are several people performing at the same time, just isn't really possible

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Happy for wrestling, but sad for softball. Maybe I'm off mark, but I was hoping for a sport that included greater participation by females.

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2 wins, what a good weekend for Japan :)

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I'd rather see wrestling (and squash) than tennis and soccer in the Olympics. Can see enough tennis and soccer at the Grand Slams and World Cup etc. It's more interesting to watch sports that we don't see so often on TV.

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No interest in tennis, but soccer is a MUST! Wrestling, hey, it is called GRECO ROMAN, the GRECO part meaning that this is a sport from the times of the GREEKS! Athens, where they whole idea of the OLYMPIC GAMES started in the first place!

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Figured it would be wrestling, and glad it's back in. Never should have been removed.

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Wrestling may be even more boring to watch than golf and only three people do it (compared to golf) so, can't they update the rules, so that they don't spend so long wiping each other's foreheads? Was Greek wrestling so dull?

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Wrestling was a fundamental part of the Olympics since the Games in Ancient Greece. It would be a sacrilege to cut the sport from the Games.

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Now, if they would only oil themselves up prior to a wrestling match. And yes, I am talking about the men. Do it old school style! ;-)

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Now, if they would only oil themselves up prior to a wrestling match. And yes, I am talking about the men. Do it old school style! ;-)

What do you have against the girls too? Don't be sexist. ;p

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I'd rather have karate included than wrestling or judo.Real fighting.

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Just imagine all those ancient Greeks playing squash. The only squash they played was on the heads of the enemy. Good luck Tokyo in providing the rapid transit for these games and paying for the renovations of facilities.

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