WTA calls for equal treatment of players, on-court coaching


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Men's champion Novak Djokovic said he thought Ramos should not have pushed Williams so hard.

Novak is known for his outburst too, but at that point of the tournament --at 4-3 2nd set of the grand slam final-- even he would be peeved if he lost a game without a final warning

Serena deserved to be fined for the outburst, but the chair umpire failed to "read the air" as well - kuuki yomenai (KY)


Either one could had de-escalated the situation, but neither did. For the 3rd code violation that resulted in loss of a game, the ump should had definitely given a final warning first --given the severe penalty-- instead of outright giving out the penalty without warning. Serena was talking too much, but umps have been called much worse than "you're a thief" (and on a questionable call) and again, it's a grand slam final plus it's 4-3 in the 2nd set with an already raucous crowd - the ump should had realized the gravity of that current situation

The call of the rule was by the book, but at that decisive period of a grand slam final, the rule was arguably called too tightly. A similar example is an important basketball game: the foul rule can be applied by the book, but at the last several seconds of a close game, everybody agrees that the refs should not call a foul unless a foul is egregious - instead "let the players play" because nobody wants the refs to get involved in a questionable deciding of a game

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seadog538Today  06:41 am JST Has Naomi Osaka been asked what she thinks about it all? Serena said that she is all for Women's Rights but she didn't seem to have much consideration for her opponent who was obviously very upset.

Seriously? Is that what you think women's rights are about, not upsetting other women? This was a professional sporting event. Whether you agree or disagree with Serena arguing with the umpire, she is not responsible for the feelings of her opponent, a grown adult. Can you really imagine anyone saying that LeBron James shouldn't trash talk while playing against Steph Curry because Curry might get upset? Give women a little more credit. Naomi will be fine and if not, if it upset her that much, she has a tougher road ahead of her than her tennis skills would suggest.

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Has Naomi Osaka been asked what she thinks about it all? Serena said that she is all for Women's Rights but she didn't seem to have much consideration for her opponent who was obviously very upset.

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It's up to umpire. Some umpires didn't take serious about coaching and some umpires take serious about coaching during the match. The Umpire Carlos Ramos has treated equal to woman and man in his umpire duty.

Why not allow their Coach to sit on the court with player if WTA wants to allow coaching?

Serena Williams is always getting away lesser punishment everytime she breaks the rule and abuse the umpire. Also, she was rewarded for her bad behavior. If Naomi-chan has broken the rule and abused umpire like Serena Williams and then Naomi-chan will be heavily criticized and may be she will be definitely suspended from at least Grand Slam tournament.

Sexism and woman rights didn't exist in professional tennis. In the future, woman game should be given umpire duty to only woman chair umpire and woman line umpires. So sexism and woman rights problem will be terminated from the woman game. However, Serena Williams had threatening to kill Japanese line umpire Tsurubuchi-san in 2009.

I'm disgusting about how WTA and USTA has given big favor to Serena Williams and criticizing the chair umpire Carlos Ramos for doing his job exactly accordance with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) rules. The WTA and USTA is responsible for Serena Williams' bad behavior.

Serena Williams is bad for Woman Tennis and bad role model for children.

WTA and USTA should create special woman rights award for Serena Williams and award her.

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So judges should just.... not call it as they see it.

I guess if you shout the triple dunk of sexism, racism and maternity harassment, it doesn’t matter what you do wrong, you’ll get your way.

It’s really odd how Ramos’s consistency in being harsh with both men and women is completely left out of the conversation.

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working with the sport to ensure that all players are treated the same.

How? Install AI robots as umpires instead?

The umpires themselves are humans too.

There is an implication that Ramos is some kind of sexist or racist. This is pretty hard to prove...

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Surprised trump didn’t tweet about this

Serena Williams is not white, so he doesn't care.

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Surprised trump didn’t tweet about this

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Serena is really a bad loser. No one wanted to see that behavior fighting hysterically with umpire. Most spectators there thought Serena would win for sure. Game is always unpredictable until it is over.

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Men's players like Jeff Tarango, Fabio Fogini, Nick Kygrios and others have racked up loads of violations and been booted out of tournaments and games. Violations and flare ups are certainly not unusual in pro tennis.

We do not believe that this was done last night,..

An umpire adhering to the official rules?! Oh, the scandal. If the rules are a problem, then change them. Like, introduce a clause allowing women and/or minorities to shout at umpires and hold up key matches whenever they feel slighted. .

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'The first violation given to Williams was for coaching, which isn't allowed during any men's matches but is permitted on the women's tour except in Grand Slam tournaments.'

Serena says it didn't happen, Coach says he does it all the time....awkward.

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