Yamaguchi rescues Japan against Iraq in World Cup qualifier


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Tuesday week's game in Melbourne will be massive for both oz and japan after last night's results. Would settle for a draw.

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Get shot of Halilhodzic. Its not working. Japan need a Japanese manager.

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TIgersTokyoDome: "Get shot of Halilhodzic. Its not working. Japan need a Japanese manager."

Why? when the players are the problem. The only time they had one they did better by CHANCE, with even the coach admitting their victory had nothing to do with him. Face it Tigers, it's the players that stink, not the coach. Japan doesn't deserve to go through as evidenced by this and their other performances so far.

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At this point it might be better if Japan didn't qualify. They need a major shake up. It might be better to get a Japanese manager who can play to the team's strength. At least someone who has managed in the J-league. I don't really understand the obsession with foreign coaches...

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The Japanese should study the English F.A.'s model, those guys are an inspiration to us all!

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Japan is right by employing westerner coaches, as other Asian nations are pouring money to bring soccer to an international level. China and its bid to host 2016 is the next big thing. Go Japan!!

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Japan need a Japanese manager.

Right, when Japan had a Japanese manager they played almost entirely defensive soccer. They did not seem to play to win, but played to not loose.

The Japanese team has individual talent galore, but it seems to lack the "hungry-seishin" or spirit to win.

Of course they want to win, of course they all know what they have to do to win, but they need the killer instinct to get over the hump!

Japan needs a manager that will kick ass and take names!

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Australia will not be settling for a draw in Melbourne. They didn't in 2009!and they won't this time. Luongo and Sainsbury will be unleashed, with the evergreen Cahill lurking somewhere.

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