Yang topples Tiger in PGA Championship


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Wow! What a finish to an interesting PGA Championship. Congratulations to Yang. He was absolutely clutch when it mattered. Overall, it was a big upset, as Tiger is usually able to hold off challenges like that; especially when having the lead going into the final round.

Also, it was a nice overall tournament for Ryo Ishikawa, who finished at +8 and tied for 56th. It was his first PGA Championship and he is still only 17, so he will only get stronger and better.

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While I still think that golf is one of the most UNinteresting 'sports' to watch, I was pretty engaged in the end of this tournament. AWESOME job by Yang, and I think it's great that he beat Tiger -- it's far more interesting to have another winner from time to time, especially as close as it was. Big win for Korea and Asia as well.

And I'm glad Ryo picked up his game a little at the end. Much better than the day before, anyway, and he'll do better next time, I hope.

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Wat to go Yang! Whilst Tiger will always be remembere as one of the greatest to play this game, I hope that Yang will be remembered for his performance in this tournament too!

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The article said it best... the shots we usually expect from Tiger came from Yang, instead. That final 3-iron over the tree and stopping 12 feet from the pin on 18 was amazing.

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There are two solid S. Korean male golfers in K.J. Choi and Y.E. Yang who've won on the PGA Tour now. There are many outstanding S. Korean women who've reached the top of the LPGA Tour-including 7 different women winning majors. S. Korea has much to be proud of and I hope Y.E. Yang motivates even more young people in the country to take up the game.

I wouldn't bet on Ryo Ishikawa being a winner on the PGA Tour at any time in the future. He's not strong enough and probably never will be. The Japanese people should look more to the several promising young women playing more tournaments overseas in recent years to cheer for, and not the "Bashful Prince." He just doesn't measure up, and the cute novelty will wear off in a few years.

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Golf is starting to sound like those old martial arts movies with Ying and Yang, Crouching Tiger, Praying Mantis, Spanking Monkey, and etc...

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Did NHK 9 O'clock News skip this story? Or was it the very first story? I missed the first minute.

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Wow! I thought Yang was a female South Korean and TOPLESS, then I read on, golf?? Boring, and topples? Good on you Yang! Topple the big bad American Tiger?

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It helps when you have no pressure to win. A great victory for him tho.

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