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Yankees complete 1-year deal with pitcher Kuroda


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Supposedly he didn't want to play for an East coast team. But maybe he wanted to close out his career having played for the Yankees.

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"He ain't worth 10 mil."

For a one year contract? I think he's worth it.

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Yeah he is worth it. He has a solid ERA and can pitch strong innings deep if needed. Being a back up on the Yankees will maybe extend his career a couple or 3 years if he produces. He didn't get a lot of run support in L..A. and many people inquires as to his availability. !0 mil for a veteran with a solid ERA in MLB is not too pricey. Especially for the Yankees. if it was a small market team he may have gotten half!

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He's proven, unlike Darvish. We shall see. Either way, Go N.Y. Giants!

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He really should have winning records. I might be biased because I'm Japanese but he has good rhythm when he pitches and his ERA proves it. For some reason, whenever he pitches, the dodgers batters just couldn't get any run.

He is getting closer and closer to retirement so I hope he does well with the yankees. Too bad he doesn't get any publicity unlike Yu Darvish in Japanese press.

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When Kuroda is on he's very tough to beat. If he's off that day for some reason (very rare) then it's an early shower for him. I loved how he pitched for my Dodgers. Just wish we could have given him just a tiny bit more run support and he would have had very nice numbers to accompany the type of pitcher he is. True professional. Solid innings eater and very good command. As much as I loathe the Yankees I wish Kuroda the best.

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The guy is a beast. Wished like hell the Blue Jays would have overpaid for him. This guy is a winner, and I agree with what @ElJeffeinJapan wrote: the Dodgers were rarely putting runs on the board for him. Good luck with the Yanks, Kuroda san.

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And back in the NLCS when the Phillies were head hunting, Kuroda stepped up and brushed back their hitters. He gained a ton of cred in the clubhouse after that outing. First year in the Majors I believe as well. No fear for the Samurai.

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Very efficient pitcher with good control. He often gets to the 7th inning in under 100 pitches. Should rack up the wins in NY with run support.

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But when you add in the 40 percent luxury tax surcharge, that pushes Kuroda's price to around $14 million a season, which may be a bit much to gamble on an aging pitcher with a 41-46 career record (3.45 ERA) who has never pitched in the American League.

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His 3.07 ERA last season would have been second best in the Yankees' starting rotation behind Sabathia's 3.00

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