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Yankees pitcher Pineda ejected for using pine tar


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BUSTED ! ! !

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Ok, just imagine for a moment that, many of us come from countries that don't play baseball. What the heck is pine tar and what does it do?

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I second the notion from Disillusioned.... What is Pine tar?

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It's a substance you place on your finger tip when pitching to stop the ball from spinning.

I believe it's called a "Spit ball".

Look it up in Wiki for more detail.

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Thank you... I was expecting that kind on information in the article. But either way, thanks

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OK, pine tar is a sticky gooey substance. What it does is it allows your hand to get a better grip on a baseball (for pitchers) or on a baseball bat (to better control your bat when swinging).

A better grip on the baseball allows the pitcher to better control where the baseball goes when thrown (the aim). The better grip also allows the pitcher to better spin (or make spin faster) the baseball especially when throwing pitches that curve (typically the more a baseball spins, the more it curves or moves around instead of going on a straight line).

Baseball rules prohibit pitchers from using foreign substances to get a better grip on the ball. But unwritten rules, many pitchers try to get away with as much as they can, especially on cold nights like that Boston game when it's harder to get a grip. Other covert techniques like a bit saliva or using clear vaseline instead of obvious pine tar, or pretty much all catchers put a bit of pine tar on their protective shin pads and rub a bit of pine tar around the baseball before throwing it back to their pitchers to help their pitchers out.

It's pretty much expected a little bit of deviousness. Many batters don't mind it too much especially with using a little bit by pitchers who don't have good aiming control of their pitches, because that means the pitcher will likely throw strikes instead of accidentally hitting the batters with out-of-control baseball pitches.

Even the Boston manager Farrell who brought it to the umpire's attention knew these deviousness are done, but with how blatantly obvious it was and that the same thing happened the last time they faced, he had no choice but to complain about it this time when normally he would've let it go (particularly since one of his own pitchers was caught doing it before).

“Given the last time we faced him, I felt like it was a necessity to say something,” Farrell said. “You know, I fully respect on a cold night you’re trying to get a little bit of a grip, but when it’s that obvious, something has got to be said.”

The pitcher Pineda was just stupid for making it too obvious. He knew people are already on watch for him doing it since it was brought to everybody's attention - and there are tons of HD TV video cameras around the stadium. Needs to be a bit wiser about it - if ya don't know how to be discreet, then just don't do it.

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So this guy blows. He cheats and he lost by a large margin. Boot his ass or at least 2 year suspension!

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So this guy blows. He cheats and he lost by a large margin. Boot his ass or at least 2 year suspension!

If he's losing by a large margin (actually, he had given up 2 runs in the first 2 innings, but he obviously wasn't pitching well), the opposing team would actually want him to stay! Why would an opposing team boot out a pitcher who wasn't pitching well? They'd want him to keep pitching!

Obviously this cheating was so obvious that Boston had to complain, so they had to boot him. But every team in MLB does this in one way or another. (Do ya notice all the other teams and players aren't making a big deal about this? Because they know they themselves do it.) Pineda will get suspended about 10 games (about 2 starts), like as usual the previous pitchers who got caught.

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Pine Tar bubble gum is needed for these people.

http://www.beautifulonraw.com/pine_resin_gum.html (already have it)

He is guilty of not putting the "pine tar" in his mouth.

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Now we know why his name is Pine-da...

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So, that is why Dbacks, Angels, and Dodgers quality swingers had tough time in cold ball parks last year.

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So what is the stuff that Japanese baseball players put on their faces...something for sunburn. Looks like mud under the eyes.

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So what is the stuff that Japanese baseball players put on their faces...something for sunburn. Looks like mud under the eyes.

Probably Eye Black against glare:


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