Yankees sign Tanaka to $155 mil seven-year deal


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Good luck to him. He'll be in an intense spotlight in New York but it has to help having fellow countryman Hiroki Kuroda as teammate.

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He should have picked a National League Team. I don't think will do well in the super competitive American League East. I think the yankees will regret this contract, imo.

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Yankees now have three Japanese stars on their team (Tanaka, Kuroda, Suzuki) The Japanese travel agencies will profit handsomely from New York package deals. Imagine the potential matchup of Yankees-Red Sox. (And Japanese sports reporters should start packing their bags)

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He should have picked a National League Team.

After playing the in PL for 7 years here, he needed to go to the American League with a DL rule.

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man, what an effing payday! i'm sure darvish is wishing he would have waited until this year to post also. he's making a pittance of what tanaka will be raking in. but all the best. i hope he doesn't flame out, and ballon up, like matsuzaka did.

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Looks like Dodgers and Angels couldn;t care less of Yankees. Spring training will be soon. Boston will have another good season? Maybe Dodgers and Angels will have good season, too?

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For those who think Tanaka will be making more than Yu Darvish, it is not true. Since Yu Darvish plays for the Texas Rangers, he don't have to pay state-taxes because Texas is a Tax-free state. Tanaka plays in New York, which New York pays the 2nd most state-taxes in the United States (California is the most). Even though his contract looks bigger than Darvish, if you take away taxes, he is still making less than Darvish.

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Masahiro Tanaka signed a seven-year deal with the New York Yankees on Wednesday.

Boo!!! You suck, Tanaka!!! I hope you lose every single freaking game!!! O-VER-RA-TED!!!

(Had Tanaka signed anywhere else, I would change that to "Hmm, OK, I hope he does well.")

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And Japanese sports reporters should start packing their bags

Eh, the circus won't be any more intense than it already is.

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I hope he gets better run support than what Kuroda has been getting. Kuroda is one of the smartest pitchers in the game, unfortunately his record doesn't reflect this. But should be a good mentor for Tanaka.

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And this is why he wanted the Eagles to post him ASAP - he'd be earning more in 1 year than he'd be earning for several years in the Eagles. He's already the 5th highest-paid pitcher, and he hasn't even pitched an inning of MLB. But it's a fact the Yankees are willing to overpay when they need something. I think the already-proven Darvish is still slightly better than Tanaka, but that's worth it to the Yankees if that happens to be the case.

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The Yankees usually are the best team money can buy. And don't be surprised if they dump Ichiro before the season begins, even if they have to eat half his contract.

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I was born a Yankee hater, raised a Yankee hater and still am a Yankee hater. Therefore, I hope Tanaka fails. And not only Tanaka, but the rest of the Yankees. I hope they end up in the cellar.

I dislike big money teams that think they can just go in and buy championships. If Tanaka were with another team ... then it would be go, go Tanaka. But the Yankees ... it's fail, fail, fail ... for all of them ...

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Go Ma-kun ! ! ! BOO YANKEES ! ! !

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Baseball players, football players, hockey players... all overpaid entertainers.

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As a New Yorker I am thrilled. Do I think n e one is worth the money he is getting no. Do i think he is better than Darvish no... but... overall he is a great player and chose the Yankees for the stardom and the chance at being in a world series. 17 of the last 19 years the Yankees have made the playoffs and made numerous world series. They have won 5 since Ive been a kid so for me Im thrilled to see him going their. Had he gone to any other team I still would have wished him the best because at the end of the day he is a human being and he is playing a game he loves. Thats what people forget. sure he wanted the money...but he still loves the game and this game has now made him a very rich man and made his family set for life. You would do the same thing in his position.

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Wishing him the best. Glad the posting sage is over for his sake.

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Some Japanese company should buy the Seattle team and just make it a mostly Japanese All Star team... or just sell best players to NY and LA knowing they will never come back.

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