Yankees star Judge hits 62nd homer to break Maris' AL record


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How about a needle emoji next to the others- Bonds and Sosa and McGuire?

Good point. Come tomorrow, when Ohtani pitches one more inning, he will own a record that needs no asterisks. He will become the first player in history to have qualified as among the league's leaders as both a hitter and a pitcher. Not even Babe Ruth ever accomplished that feat.

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99 (Judge) hit #62 on the night the Yankees improved their record to 99-62

Consider: he didn't even hit his first HR of the season till his 55th plate appearance, and he only had that 1 HR for his first 13 games. Then the Yankees struggled horribly right after the All-Star break with injuries to key players, but Judge kept on hitting HRs even with no protection in the lineup (he was essentially their only offense at that point; nobody else was hitting)

So, a NY Yankee has owned the American League all-time HR record every year since 1920. The last time a non-Yankee had owned the AL HR record was 1919 by................ Babe Ruth of the Red Sox............. before he was sold to the Yankees

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The Man! His next contract may be insane. He has put may butts in seats this year and kept the greatest franchise in American sports extremely relevant all the way to the regular season's conclusion and beyond. What's that worth? Pay The Man!

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How about a needle emoji next to the others- Bonds and Sosa and McGuire?

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It's done!

There should be an asterisk next to his name. It should say *Clean

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