Yankees' Tanaka out for six weeks due to torn elbow ligament


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12-4 with a 2.51 ERA not bad for the Year 2014.

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Another high profile Japanese pitcher bust in the making.

Not hating, but being real.

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If he gets Tommy John it wil be 2016 before he pitches in MLB again.

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This isnt too surprising for a couple of reasons. First, in Japan Tanaka was used to pitching only once a week. In the Majors, it is every 5 days. He isn't getting the rest he (and his arm) is used to.

Second, Japanese kids who show promise as pitchers are brutally overworked from the time they are in high school. It isnt uncommon for them to throw 200 or 300 pitches in a couple of days at tournaments like Koshien. Teams will try and ride a single star pitcher all the way to the championship, no matter the long term cost to that player's health. It is sickening that there are no rules in force to protect players from this kind of abuse by coaches.

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oldman_13Jul. 11, 2014 - 01:10PM JST

Another high profile Japanese pitcher bust in the making.

Not hating, but being real.

Yeah, real dumb.

How does he have any control over a torn elbow ligament and how does his remarkable performance up until now in ANY way constitute a "bust"?

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Many pitchers have come back as strong or even stronger after Tommy John surgery - that procedure has become so good now. But if that happens, that'll kill the Yankees' chances this year, and the risk for another Tommy John increases for Tanaka in the future.

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This is a no 'brainer' for me as an avid baseball fan. Get the Tommy John surgery now. Tanaka is young enough to pitch in the majors if it is done now. Trying to come back in six to 8 weeks could just mean more damage done and the Tommy John surgery anyway. The Yankees are pretty nicked up, so they might not make it to the playoffs this season anyway. He was doing so well, but his last three starts were an indication something was happening to him. It sure has been fun watching him pitch every fifth day or so and many fans will miss that.

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