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Darvish loses perfect game with 2 outs in 9th


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Sounds a little bit more like bad luck than anything else, as well as too much expectation. He's right that a win's a win, and he got it. So that's all. The kid's still young, but still getting better and better.

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A great player.

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Oh, so close . . . you'll get 'em next time, Yu-san !

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He's learned to whittle down his pitch selection. Last year, he'd come out of the bullpen intending to use all 6 of his pitches. Now he's coming out of the bullpen using the 2 or 3 pitches that's working for him that day. Now he's trying to get outs instead of trying to impress 2 nations.

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He did not lose, he just did not manage to make it a perfect game, but his team won and that is what matters.

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I got a little feeling that this experience will light a cold hardened fire up under his young mature posterior. Just could be that this coming up short could change some attitudes on the whole team even. Go Yu, Go Rangers.

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Yu can't fool all the people all the time! The 9th batter in the Lastros' lineup broke thousands of hearts, including mine. Why is it that my Rangers seem to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory when they're one inch, one out, one pitch from winning or tossing a no-no? (Well, they won THIS game, anyway, and, yes, that IS what counts. Meanwhile, Yu for Emperor!)

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I never saw Darvish come out of the bullpen last year as he was a starting piticher.

Starting pitchers also warm-up in the bullpen before the game starts.

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Shame, that was probably his best chance, going against a weak team that was in a different league last year and hadn't seen Yu yet.

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Sorry to see him come so close but glad that the ball went right to him and wasn't misplayed by another bloke. I'd hate to see someone else blamed for costing him a perfect game. He'll have another chance, I'm sure.

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I got to see some of this game live, and his stuff was filthy. Sometimes, when you're watching a pitcher dominate a game, you just get a feeling. The last time I had it was during Roy Halladay's perfecto. I had it again during this game. He looked unhittable.

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