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Yuki Tsunoda joins AlphaTauri to replace Daniil Kvyat


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I will be sad to see Daniil go. He has had mixed results, but he was a pretty good driver on the whole, and Russia needs decent ambassadors to be included in world affairs.

It was good when Kamui Kobayashi was around. I liked his style of driving. Here's wishing Yuki Tsunoda good luck. F1 will either crush his spirit, or give him an opportunity. Hoping he can take advantage of this chance, while he has the Honda engine behind him. Can he overtake Alonso, I wonder, young vs old?

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Alonso truly is one of the greats. Perhaps the only F1 driver left who can coax extra performance out of an ailing or less than stellar car ( Hamilton certainly cant). Alonso is capable of driving in the rain too, unlike Louis and most of the others. The problem is his personality.

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The worst kept secret has been made official. Tsunoda's promotion to F1 has long been expected, which is why it was such a shock when Honda announced their departure from F1. As they had been heavily pushing Red Bull management to promote him.

Therefore, it has me wondering. Even if Honda don't remain in the sport. Whether this move will encourage them to see the IP to their power unit to Red Bull, who'll then get constructor status within F1.

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Great news! Tsunoda seems to br a brilliant driver, coming 3rd in F2...and he is only 20! With Honda power behind him, I would not rule out a Japanese GP winner for the first time in history.

Can he overtake Alonso, I wonder, young vs old?

You bet he will! Not really sure of the point of Alonso coming back except for mega $$$. Give the kids a go.

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