Zaccheroni announces Japan's World Cup squad


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Great squad, can't wait for the WC to start and cheer on the blue samurai. :)

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I also hope Brazil can show us a great World Cup!! If the Samurai can give us a few surprises, what the heck!! As long as they can eliminate a neighboring country, that is divided by the free South and the dictatorship in the north, I'm sure our Japanese amigos will be more than happy!!

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Colombia, Ivory Coast and Greece is a pretty good group for Japan. I hope they can get to at least the 1/4 Finals.

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I feel like Endo being included is not so much a performance based thing as a loyalty thing. I feel Sato Hisato is unlucky not to be in the squad at all after being Japan's clearly most successful striker of the last 3 years.

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4 midfielders in the squad? Some of those forwards are really midfielders.

And I'm a little surprised not to see Havenaar in there. He could have been useful as part of a plan B, if and when they need one.

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Kagawa from where? I've heard of Kagawa, but Manchester Untied?

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Okubo must be the most disappointed being the present top point getter in J-league.

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If Kawashima is kept off the field, Japan might survive a bit longer this time around.


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@RomeoRII So funny. I was thinking the same thing about Kawashima. He hasn't been playing as well as he used to. I was also hoping that Uchida wouldn't make it. He's a talented little guy...but he's little and lacks speed. My hope lies in Okazaki. He's become a true scorer and shows his confidence.

But best of luck to Japan. I'd like to see them go all the way!

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Kagawa from where? I've heard of Kagawa, but Manchester Untied?

They're a mid table Premier League side. Kagawa made 18 appearances for them this season scoring 0 goals. If that's one of your star players you might be in trouble.

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