Zaccheroni under scrutiny after Japan exits Confederations Cup


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Feeding on weak Asian teams can't prepare you for the certified teams of the world except maybe England lol.

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Yeah, fire him. We could make the national team job like the PM job.

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Geez they've turned on him quickly - similar to Mr. Okada. At the end of the day, he is managing a nation ranked 32 - getting beaten by Brazils and Italys is no scandal. The only thing I'd be slightly critical of is Mr. Zaccheronis unwillingness to test out an alternative goalie for "The angry man of soccer", Kawashima.

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This is pathetic. Japan still doesnt understand that Oman, Jordan etc are a COMPLETELY different league than Brasil, Italy and such. I think Zaccheroni is doing a fantastic job with the team, much better than any other trainer couldve

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“I believe we can close the gap with the world.”

After giving up 9 points in three games against non-Asian teams? Good luck with that.


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Barely a week since he got them into the World Cup and he's under the gun..

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9 points.

Wrong sport.

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I wonder if "senior football critic" Echigo thinks Japan would have beaten those other countries if only Honda had been swapped for someone else?

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Honda is over-rated. It probably isn't a good idea to change managers a year before the World Cup.

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After failing to account for the weakness of the Asian pool, Japanese sports media are victims of their own over-hyping of the team and are now just using coach Maccaroni as a scapegoat.

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“It has become clear that Zaccheroni’s method and current crop of players may win in Asia but won’t get anywhere against the world’s top teams,” said Kamamoto, 69. “We must seriously discuss what we should do and how.”

That sums up the Japanese team in general no matter who is in charge.

“I can’t understand his substitution choices. If he had no other idea than using Honda and Kagawa who were at their worst, I don’t think the national team has a very bright future.”

Typical blowhard. Who you YOU play? If you can't answer straight away, shut up.

Asked why he only made three changes for the Mexico game at a post-match press conference, Zaccheroni replied: “The team’s identity will change if I replace too many first-team players.”

Damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. If he had changed more players, they would be saying he changed too many players.

Why don't they just accept that Japan will always be a middle group team because they can't compete with the stronger teams and be happy with the odd surprise win that they get every now and then?

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The press are critical and have raised their claws out already! I really wonder, how many of these armchair pundits have played or studied the game beyond their couch...

Zaccheroni is doing a good job if you ask me. Japan are by and large ahead of the rest of Asia. We've just gone through qualifying and have gone into the confederations cup, on the back of a long season and a series of qualifier games. Yes, Honda said we're going there to win, but really did we expect to win? Personally no. Am pleased with some of the displays we had at the tournament, yes. But it highlighted as Zacc said, areas we need to work on.

Can we get a better coach to lead us to the World Cup glory? Not between now and then I think. We now have the rest of the up coming season to try new players and new tactics. This is the time to experiment and solidify. Not the confed cup.

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Mexico are ranked 17 by FIFA, Japan are ranked 32. Japan played well against higher-ranked teams, so why turn on the coach? Japan are the best side in Asia, but if no one turned on Zaccheroni for losing to Jordan (world ranked 75), why after good performances against Italy and Mexico?

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Excluding the Brazil game (even then they played quite well in patches) I thought Japan played really well at the Confederations Cup; they were a bit unlucky, especially against Italy.

If they had a striker as good as their midfield they would be a very difficult team to beat, but alas no such striker exists at the moment in Japan.

Zaccheroni is right about not changing the team. He knows his best team and he is trying to get them to play together as much as possible. It makes perfect sense and is exactly what Brazil are doing after years of changing the makeup of the team almost every match.

My only criticism of Zaccheroni is that he needs to get Japan tighter at the back, because they conceded too many easy goals. I daresay over the next year this is what he will focus on.

The rest of the world thinks Japan are a good team and I think they will be the "Hipster's" choice for next year's World Cup.

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Blame the crap players, not the coach.

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I agree that he needs to look for better substitutes, especially for when Endo/Hasebe is unavailable. Actually Japan needs an alternative to Endo either way, preferably one that doesn't play in J2 and won't pass the ball to the other team constantly.

Also, I have to question why Zac waited so long to make changes in the Mexico game. It was clear Mexico had taken complete control of the match and were on the verge of scoring. And as for Mexico's 2nd goal, it was basically a copy of their goal in the Olympics, so Japan should have been prepared for that kind of corner kick.

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"Why don't they just accept that Japan will always be a middle group team because they can't compete with the stronger teams "

Yeah, I'm sure that positive attitude will take Japan far. I have no doubt all the top athletes in the world share your view LOL. What's the point of aiming high, right ?

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"Why don't they just accept that Japan will always be a middle group team because they can't compete with the stronger teams "

Yeah, I'm sure that positive attitude will take Japan far. I have no doubt all the top athletes in the world share your view LOL. What's the point of aiming high, right ?

You really think that Japan will win the World Cup in the next 100 years or something?

I have no problem with them aiming high. My problem is with the media here, who pump them up to legend status after they win a game against Qatar, or lose a game 4-3 after giving up a 2-0 lead to Italy. I'm sure it's either pressure on the players; or inflating their heads to think they are better than they think, which leads to complacency. They treat the goalie they have as a living God or something, when he is average at best.

Honda will probably just be another Ono Shinji or Nakamura Shunsuke, and be back playing for some J-League team in a couple of years. Having someone as wishy-washy as Hasebe as captain is laughable too.

They are also at a physical disadvantage against most of the European and South American teams.

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Zac is doing an excellent job. Japan was never going to get a result away to Brazil, and they ran a strong Italy very close. Against Mexico, Japan did look a bit tired but still only a one-goal margin and it did come after a long season and World Cup qualifiers. Hard to blame Zac for keeping his main players including the only two world-class players, Honda and Kagawa, on the pitch as long as possible. And after all the Confed Cup is a meaningless tournament, as everybody knows. Changing the manager now would be ridiculous, unfair and damaging. So knowing the JFA there must be a 50% chance of it happening...

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They should fire him and get a Japanese coach. International teams shouldn't have foreign managers and the top, successful football nations wouldn't consider it. There must be at least one young Japanese coach who's not completely clueless. Give someone like that a go, get him the experience, build an identity and way of playing.

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The problem with the men's team is that unlike the women's they don't have a killer instinct.2-nil up against Italy, should not have let them back in the game,let alone losing.The women's team know how to win and don't get punked by foreign teams. The "Is it in you?" ad rings true but for the men it's not.But I equate the English team about the same as Japan's. Lots of flash,but with little substance.

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The women's team know how to win and don't get punked by foreign teams.

Yeh they sit back on defense as soon as they take the lead, making for the most boring soccer possible.

Sorry, I'd rather the men lose every match than play like Nadeshiko.

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Typical Japan -- look at anything but the actual problem, and blame the coach for the inability of the athletes. I'm not saying the athletes are bad, but Japan is just not there yet, nor is any other Asian team, in terms of playing with the big boys. It's not Zacch's fault; he's doing what he can with what he's got.

It's amazing the way the media and the people in general are so fickle towards coaches; Zacch was under fire last year when Japan lost to SK and others in friendlies, then Zacch was a hero when they won a few games after, then the villain again, then the hero when Japan qualified first for the WC, and now back to being villain again. Hell, even the players themselves are humble enough to realize it's THEY who must improve and work harder.

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cracaphat a few years ago Italy would never of scored 4 goals let alone let in 3,they play a different system of tactics now.So for Japan to get a result like they did deserves some credit,As for the references about England look at Englands record at the WC then Japans before you make that sort of comment.Always the same people knocking Japan, and something tells me that their not from here.Get of their backs or support them.

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Every football fan is allowed to gripe and moan and spout off about players and coaches who earn more in a week than most of us earn in a year, particularly when you've spent time and money on it. I'm a lifelong Evertonian and have been doing just that since 1987. Moaning is a sign of a mature footballing mind.

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I'm a lifelong Evertonian....

Well, some of us will always have more cause to moan and spout off than others..... ; )

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i am also an Everton fan 40 years and counting but it always the same gripes gets a bit boring especially when most do not support Japan. i can understand if its your own team, and from what i have heard that Honda might end up at Everton things might be looking up. World class player he would be good in the EPL.

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Oh, now it's Zaccheroni's fault? I find that conclusion ungrateful and misguided.

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If Japan performs like they did against Italy, they are ok. They were unlucky to lose that game.

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They weren't unlucky. Unlucky teams don't throw away a 2-0 lead. Complacent teams do.

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To many of you, read the article! "Japanese media said the four-time Asian champions had been hampered by a shortage of world-class players and Zaccheroni’s reluctance to try new talent and tactics."

Zaccheroni is being paid 1 million Euros or 130 million yen so is he still shielded from any criticism?

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Who gave Lucabrasi the thumbs down? A bit of banter is part of the fun of football as is the right of football fans to have a go at stars in the limelight. This thin-skinned inability to accept constructive criticism or jokes about your club or national side is childish. The day I see less of the wide-eyed 'Do your best!' or an 'Unlucky' when someone blazes one into row z, the better. A 'you overrated bag of s##t!!' from the home crowd when a Japanese player has an absolute nightmare is a sure indication that Japan has arrived on the world stage.

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Ravi: "If Japan performs like they did against Italy, they are ok. They were unlucky to lose that game."

How were they unlucky? Once they were two up they sat around their goal and prayed Italy wouldn't make a comeback. They lost all offensive play. And so was Italy 'lucky' to win? No, the won because of skill. Japan did very well, to be sure, but it has nothing at all to do with luck for either side.

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Don't waste your breath, friend. Real footy fans understand....

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