Zuerlein's 57-yard field goal sends Rams to Super Bowl


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Let's go JT. Let's see the write up on the Pats game!

Rams & Patriots. Superbowl baby!"

Go Patriots!

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Waking up at 5am was well worth it for Rams to win this game. My parents are season ticket holders and got entered into a contest to go to ATL to see the game there. Chances are slim though. I hope Rams victimize the Patriots like the Eagles did last year.

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The Saints got robbed. One of the worst no-calls in playoff history. I hope I'm wrong and they actually win but I think the Rams are going to get blown the eff out.

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Even the NFL is admitting it was a blown call

2-calls-in-1 actually (pass interference and helmet-to-helmet hit), and all the refs missed either one

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This was only barely the worst call on Sunday that determined which teams would play in the Superbowl. The touching-Tom-Brady call that kept a late Patriots drive alive was also horrible. The Chiefs had just (rightly) had a drive end because roughing was not called on an identical play where Mahomes was also brushed in the helmet by a defender's hand while holding the ball and thinking of throwing. What's the difference between these two calls? Well, one happened to a football player and one happened to Tom Brady.

So, we get what we deserve: a "Superbowl" played between two teams that really lost their division championships... Yay!

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