'Fortnite' app removal threatens social lifeline for young gamers

By Sheila Dang and Patrick Graham

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And when the kids start realizing that while they're not able to play Fortnite (and maybe access TikTok) on their new Apple or Android devices, but can on a new Huawei device, what do you think that the sales data is going to show?

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Seems odd that credit card fees charged are legally limited, but appstore fees are not.

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Good for Epic. They are big enough to justify maintaining their own payment system. Anyone who really wants to use Apple's system is still free to do so by paying an additional 20%, but those that trust Epic would now have either option available in the app.

I fail to see the harm other than to Apple's bottom line as it is completely up to the customer as to which method they choose to use.

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"Calum Jack, an eight-year-old from London, ... is online up to 10 hours a day..."

Less than ideal parenting there.

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Less than ideal parenting there

Glad to see I’m not the only one who thought so.

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1 down... many others to go...

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