'Metaverse': the next internet revolution?

By Katy LEE

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gonna take a hard pass on anything FB has or may have to offer

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It will end up more like 'The Matrix' - an eternal lockdown plugged into the Zuckerverse.

For now, the headsets are more likely to rub your skin, give you a headache and cause you to trip over the dog.

When tech entrepreneurs get really rich they always engage in crystal ball gazing like this.

Of course it means they are too busy to fix all the issues in their software that everyone is actually using.

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Another piece of crap tech

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Hackl rejects the dystopian vision presented in "Snow Crash" of a virtual world where people go to escape the horrors of reality, an idea that emerged again two decades later in the novel and Steven Spielberg movie "Ready Player One".

Wait until a headset is not even needed as with the tech at Elon Musk's company Neurolink.

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Please Zuckerberg, this time don't ruin it..

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We have to face it--Facebook will be here for a long time.

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Nothing’s new here. There had been such virtual communication and meeting worlds already in the early 90’s , with high complexity, avatars walking around and such. The same for those 3D googles etc. They just only start the same test balloons every five years and hope, that one day the people grab their quite expensive old technology inventions and investments out of the store shelves. Nowadays it’s more advanced and sophisticated and faster, but in principle nothing is really new or a groundbreaking never seen before development. It’s of course very interesting, but you’ll just simply get exhausted tired after 30 minutes and will soon throw it into the corner or put it even away into your box in the attic.

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It's already on Switch. It's visiting each other's islands on Animal Crossing. Duh.

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