'Your doctor is in:' Physicians test humanoid robot for eldercare


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It seem Tele appointments are the next best option. They should at least give it a trial

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So the future will be, warehousing our elderly in places with robots/Androids caring for them and on occasion bringing in actual living biological life forms such as a Dog or Cat.

This way the younger generation doesn't have to deal with any of it!

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Because a personal android is the most cost-effective way of delivering healthcare? Hmmm.

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The truth about AI and robots is that advances and development will be on-going until its too late. In other words, humans, more specifically "scientists" might think they know where to draw the line on advancement or how far to go, but the truth is, AI will likely be one step ahead of them.

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Looks like a 1999’s iMac and SoftBank’s Pepper ‘settled down’ after his/her/their retirement this year, produced a ‘child’ and sent him/her/it off to medical school. (Hope I got the pronouns correct.) - Best Wishes and keep up the good work, Beomni.

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Pie in the sky

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