'FreeFortnite' tournament taunts Apple amid legal battle


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I started playing fortnite recently as I have a lot of free time and it is an amazing game.

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I tried to play fornite a nd felt it was lame compare to even older games like Wow.

I am all in for the destruction of Apple monopoly. But Apple users' usually self inflict their loss by their own inability to understand how it works.

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The Apple followers have made the argument that Apple created the platform so it should make money from those Apps using it.

But in reality it is the other way around.

These companies make apps free of charge to Apple and Apple benefits by having these apps.

If there were no Apps then the iPhone would be nothing more than a phone.

Apps are the selling point the things people use far more than text and phone calls.

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Fortnite is neat because you can play online anytime with other players and also make a team with friends. Free to boot!

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As an Iphone user and a fan of Epic games, I'm not shedding any tears from this spat. This has been Epic's play since teaming up with Tencent, use their money to bully policy. Epic did it with Steam and exclusives, now taking aim at Apple. Apple has often used the same tactic when you replace access for money. I don't see Epic doing the same thing with Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and we know why. They can't afford that fight.

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I hate Apple Inc. and think that iPhones are crap ( despite the fact that I use it since I get the latest ones free from my company every time a new model is released ). But in this case I think that Apple Inc is right because they have terms and conditions which developers need to abide by. Despite the legal terms being so favorable to Apple it’s their terms and conditions so if developers don’t like it then they don’t need to agree to it! You can’t agree to legal terms and then complain about it later! If Apple inc allows users to bypass their paying system and pay developers directly it will open up a lot of areas for scam and other problems. Bottom line is nobody forced the developer to agree to the terms and conditions put out by Apple Inc in the first place!

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Love Apple, and its phones, of course they aren't perfect but good enough for me, this whole Android vs Apple is so passe! these days most phones are decent enough,

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