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4 robot makers join hands to compete with South Korea


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Robotics industry is good ,new jobs maker.

Japan/South korea should expand more robots

machinery/robots industry to all nations.

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In the 1970's there existed a cartoon named the Jettson's, a futuristic family and their loving robotic house maid, and this was not that long ago in the lives of many. Now as we face the present age of the twenty-first century we are set to embrace a reality that does included robotics in our day to day lives. In the United States, there is no big push for robotics in our day to day lives, as is the case in Japan and South Korea, and the only talk of robotics is the ones that are on the planet Mars, a world away. "A chicken in every pot!" "A robot in every home"? In the early day of desk top compters, Apple made it available by offering a pc via a kit, can I, as Skywalker created C3PO, can I also make a robot out of a kit?"

Has anyone thought of Borg technology as a crossover to pure robotics. Cyborg any one?

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You're weird.

Anyways, we already have Cyborgs. Just not to the extent you fantasize.

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We often see articles on new robot toys and whatnot being made, but has anybody ever met a person who actually owns one?

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We often see articles on new robot toys and whatnot being made, but has anybody ever met a person who actually owns one?

Raises hand. Got 4 Robots that I build and assembled about $1000+ each. Not the Aibo, etc variety, those are kits you buy and program yourself.

3 are bug/semi-humanoid(wheeled) like but do everything up to voice commands, interact between each other, video hookup to the Net, etc. 4th is a small humanoid robot as it often featured on japanese TV.

Don't go for the ready-made ones sold in shops but than I am an IT guy with over 30yrs of computing experience and a looong interest in robotics.

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robots are toys, toys are for children....that's why there's only interest in domestic robots in Japan and SKorea...so far, I haven't seen any interesting, useful domestic robot.

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Robots rule, hopefully soon we can all have cyborg companions if we wish, no more nagging and complaining about who does the housework, who pays the bills, etc. etc.

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Go South Korea!!!

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