5 new features that could be on your next car


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Pretty soon car dashboards will resemble cockpits of jetliners. Love it and I hope to be around to see it. Love this new technology!

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More technology means more things that can and go wrong. I want my car to get me from A to B in comfort and safety and that's it.

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I'd like to see a gadget that gives the wife a mild electric shock everytime she points out the screaming obvious to me (car ahead, careful he's braking, speed down please, red light ahead).

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One "innovation" I wish they would get rid of is the obnoxious day-time running LEDs. I mean honestly, what's the point, other than to say "I'm a wanker"?

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The best feature I would like a car to have is to pinpoint the location of the policeman or traffic enforces hiding behind the posts waiting for a possible victim driver. This includes warning me before making a short-time parking if the GREEN-BOYS (illegal parking foot-patrol guards) is nearby. The system should also alarm me if I will be passing by a camera for speed limit.

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Not so many years ago only top end luxury cars had electric windows and electric that time it was wow. Now every car including the cheapest yellow plate cars have electric windows and even now all new small cars seem to have engine stop facility. Soon Navigation will not be an option but an integral part of the car controlling radar distance and space to next car technology as well as a host of other warning devices. Just going to wait a few more years until it all becomes mainstream before buying my next new car.

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In the very near future cars will be out dated. Most forms of transport will go away. people will live in virtual reality. instead of the individuals going to places places will come to them. There will be no necessity to travel. People will any be shuttling between planets and galaxies where for a beginning cars may be used. Governments will run from far away galaxies.

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