5G: a revolution not without risks

By Erwan LUCAS

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What about the health risks?

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Good point, Whatsnext! I'm sure they'll let us know 10 years after it has been up and running.

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More newfangled crap. I'm perfectly happy with my basic black, rotary dial land line and refuse to join the ranks of stooped-over, squinting zombies addicted to their shiny, overpriced walkie-talkies. Sorry, Mr. Jobs, but no thanks!

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I’m not so sure I’d go for a black rotary..too extreme. ;). However, I AM happy with my iPhone. I’m addicted to the convenience. Can’t go back at this time. Will it be worth the additional costs? We’ll see.

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I’m not so sure I’d go for a black rotary..too extreme

I prefer using my old landline for serious calls, like for business and international. Better audio quality, easier to use and cheaper.

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Yeah, ncis, all I want is a good buggy and whip. Strong horse. Done

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