5G iPhone expected to star at Apple event


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Wow! 5G.... when did Huawei bring out their first 5G computable phone? I think it was sometime LAST year.

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when did Huawei bring out their first 5G computable phone? I think it was sometime LAST year.

5G phones are now in their 2nd and 3rd generation for many Android suppliers. Apple has yet to hit its first generation. Samsung and Nokia released the first 5G phones a year and a half ago. Huawei and Google quickly followed.

Right now, the biggest worry for me is seeing Apple try and justify a $2,000 price tag for 5G capabilities when Android 5G phones run from $500 to $1300. I still think the 11 didn't justify a $1500 price point. Now throw 5G into the mix and Apple will try to say it warrants a $2000 price point.

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Apple remains the most expensive company on Wall Street, where it ended the formal trading session Friday with a value of $2.03 billion, based on its share price.

Well, we should forgive the writer for getting the numbers wrong, 1 trillion and 998 billions wrong!! some years ago and nobody would ever think about a trillion dollar company much less 2 trillions!!

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Meantime, Apple is being investigated regarding antitrust in the US Congress

A previous head of the App Store told the US House of Representatives that Apple rejects subscription game services because they compete with Apple Arcade.

Shoemaker, who was senior director of Apple's App Store Review team from March 2009 to April 2016 and had nothing to do with the Apple Arcade decision, nor the recent rules revision about game streaming services said that it is also untrue that Apple will not favor its own apps over those of competitors. He said that Apple Arcade was a type of app that was "consistently disallowed from the store," if submitted by a third-party.

As the dispute between Apple and Epic Games continues, a former App Store manager has claimed that Apple does reject apps that compete with its own services. Questioned by the US House of Representatives in its antitrust investigation, Philip Shoemaker said that the App Store had been used to protect Apple's interests.

"[Apple] was not being honest," he said when asked about the company's claim that it treats all developers the same. Calling the App Store rules both "arbitrary" and "arguable," he said that, "Apple has struggled with using the App Store as a weapon against competitors."

The reason, according to former Apple App Store director Phil Shoemaker, is because "apps that compete against Apple’s services have a track record of problems getting through the App Store’s review process," a new House antitrust report said.

"Apple’s gaming service, Apple Arcade, is a type of app that was 'consistently disallowed from the store,' when offered by third-party developers," the report said, "but Apple allowed its own app in the store 'even though it violates existing [App Store] guidelines.'”

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Apple is overrated, a cheap Android phone serve the same purpose, all you 5G Coronavirus conspiracies theory should avoid this phone

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I want to get off the phone merry-go-round. I wonder if I can still get a rotary dial phone for my house? Next, I'd not give anyone my number. Who wants to talk to people anymore? Ewwww...

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