6 tips to keep your Facebook clean, secure and private


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One tips to keep your Life clean, secure and private.

Quit Facebook
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You must have something to hide. :D

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Facebook is so old school. Only your mother or father uses this app and needs security tips.

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fb is a joke, quit many years ago and only have an account (without any pictures or friends) to access some sites that require fb login. why would I share the most intimate parts of my life with total strangers you only met once?? "Look! I'm right here eating this!" strange times..

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Hate fb. Used for very short time and found it was such a time sucker that I quit. Only morons with no lives who share their empty lives need to use it. Stop looking at a screen and enjoy real life.

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Here's a tip.....don't use Facebook !

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Meet your friends regularly, talk to them over phone, send them mails, do not chat, meet them personaly and show your feelings (do not send smily).... deactive your facebook account . ...... dont care about zukerberg .....

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Only morons with no lives who share their empty lives need to use it.

What a ridiculous comment. There are all sorts of people using FB. For those of us who live overseas from our friends and family, it's an excellent tool for keeping in touch, and keeping up a relationship with those who are far away.

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