81% of Employees Say AI Improves Their Job Performance – And They Want More
New research from SnapLogic finds employees are embracing AI in the workplace and calling on their employers to deploy more AI-based technologies to improve productivity and decision making. Photo: Business Wire

81% of employees say AI improves job performance – and they want more


New research published by SnapLogic, provider of the #1 Intelligent Integration Platform, has found that 81% of employees believe artificial intelligence (AI) improves their overall performance at work. As a result, more than two thirds (68%) are calling on their employers to deploy more AI-based technology to help them execute their daily work better and faster.

According to IDC, global spending on AI technologies reached $50.1 billion in 2020, a figure that is expected to double in the next four years. So it’s no surprise that AI is transforming the workplace as a result. But while employees were initially skeptical of this technology, new data suggests perception is shifting. This new study, conducted across the US and UK, sought to understand how workers across various lines of business – from HR to Finance to Marketing, and more – feel about working with AI technologies today.

Currently, more than half (56%) of office workers say they are using AI as a part of their daily job responsibilities. The research indicates that the potential for AI’s impact is much broader, however, as 89% believe AI could support them in up to half of their everyday work activities.

Where do employees believe AI can assist them the most? The top three tasks identified all involved moving, accessing, or analyzing data. These were, in order: understanding data and how trends and patterns can aid decision making; moving data from one place to another; and accessing data residing in different places across the business.

When asked about the benefits of AI in the workplace, 61% said it helped them have a more efficient and productive work day. Additionally, almost half (49%) felt that it improved their decision making and accelerated time-to-insights. What’s more, just over half (51%) believe that AI in the workplace helps them achieve a better work/life balance due to the aforementioned productivity boost.

“In recent years, there was concern among office workers that AI would drive job losses, but employee opinions seem to have changed. The more they’ve been exposed to AI and see it in action, the more they’ve realized how much it can assist them with their daily work,” said Craig Stewart, CTO at SnapLogic. “As AI is increasingly used to make better decisions and rack up productivity gains, they’ve gone from tentatively accepting to fully embracing AI. The fact that they are now calling on their leaders to accelerate AI technology adoption in the enterprise is a real sea-change.”

The research also took a look at the growing market for personal AI applications versus those used at work. The workplace appears to be the proving ground for the use of AI, with 45% downloading AI-driven apps for their use at work, compared with just 26% who had downloaded AI-driven apps for personal use. As employees get comfortable with AI at work, perhaps they will more fully embrace it at home as well, closing the current gap.

The research was conducted in May 2021 by 3GEM on behalf of SnapLogic. 400 office workers were surveyed, including 200 in the US and 200 in the UK. I

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AI is just another step in automation that had been seen started back in the early '70s.

We're still live & kicking

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A company flogging AI stuff release survey results suggesting that folk love AI stuff.


-Currently, more than half (56%) of office workers say they are using AI as a part of their daily job responsibilities.

Because it says so on the box? Most office workers can't reboot their own PCs, never mind understand how their software works.

AI isn't magic. The term is now being applied to just about everything in tech, whether it uses fuzzy logic algorithms or just matches text. Just stick the 'AI' label on the side and increase sales.

And let's not forget those 'AI' routines that shut down gardening groups on Facebook that mentioned 'hoes'.

Employees won't be so chipper when their bosses replace them with some cheaper 'AI' software.

Sacked employees can take some consolation from the knowledge that most software is simply not as good as human staff. So by replacing them, their bosses are damaging their business. It is used because it is cheaper, works enough of the time (even if 'enough' is less than 50%), and can be blamed for everything. How can you sue a company when the software was responsible?

We really need a legal requirement that the level of AI can be user-controlled, allowing us to turn it off if we wish too.

Especially on Google Search, where it seems to be particularly lousy.

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Now of course one has to consider the extremity view... one which has often been put in front of us in many historical SciFi Movies... the one that suggests we have reached over-population - and what to do about it...

Those "vaccinations" could be one hell of a way of achieving that goal.

-1 ( +0 / -1 )

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