Amazon introduces Kindle Paperwhite Kids


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The next logical questions must be towards privacy. Considering the notable difficulty that Amazon has had this past summer in the EU and Canada over advertising targeting system, the GAFAM predation system, can it be comfortably said that Amazon has learned from the controversy and will be dillgent in protecting the users’ private data? Will Amazon be consistent in obtaining informed seek consent from users when requesting their personal data, informing them of the use that will be made of it, and allow them to delete the data; or completely opt out?

Can anyone speak to this?

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Amazon kindles, and other e-book readers, are capable of downloading e-book versions of library books free of charge. The books are downloaded directly to the device where a signal is available and have a self-deleting or lockout program in place so we can't claim ownership of the book. Very useful for those living abroad.

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I read Kindle books a lot -- more on my laptop than on my Kindle reader, but both are useful. I grew up on old-fashioned books, and developed strong reading habits (speed and retention) that helped me breeze through higher education. I would hope to see children develop a harmonious balance between real books and electronic devices, so that they are comfortable with both. Eventually old-fashioned books will go the way of the dinosaur, but at least for the present, both children and adults would be well advised to favor both.

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