Apple supplier Japan Display logs 11th straight quarterly net loss


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Should have invested more R&D into OLED

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This company is a suffering dog that's barely limping along and the owners keep spending more and more money to keep it alive in a state of pain, prolonging the inevitable.

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Buried in the article:

But CEO Minoru Kikuoka, who took the helm in September, told an earnings briefing the company turned profitable in October.

Why not make that the headline? Is it because it's good news?

Bad Japan Display is bad! Right guys? giggles in Korean**

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The liquid crystal display (LCD) maker for smartphones, which gets more than half of its revenue from Apple, posted a net loss of 25.4 billion yen ($233 million) in the July-September quarter, wider than the 7.8 billion loss a year earlier.

Apple ain't paying its bill?!!

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Wonder if this is one of Apple's Tax dodges, to offset Profits against losses at JD which is probably seeing the displays to Apple at below cost price thus doubling Apples savings...

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Hillclimber, you're fighting the good fight.

This decade will be known as the decade that made it cool to hate on and disrespect anything and everything that has to do Japan.

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