Democrats question T-Mobile-Sprint merger deal

By Marcy Gordon

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If there are fewer than 10 competitors, buyouts like this cannot be allowed. Hasn't the US regulators learned that already by the AT&T and Comcast purchases that harmed consumers?

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"Trust us! What have you got to lose?"

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T Mobile aggressive moves are not sustainable in the long scheme of things. That’s part of the reason they have already raised prices. Initially their moves were to increase the likelihood of them being bought out by a larger competitor; however, that move was blocked by the FCC.

Even though T-Mobile is gaining a lot of ground it still pales to the size of AT&T and Verizon. Even after the merger those two giants will still remain at 1 and 2.

Sprint is a failing organization and will only continue to fall without this move. While some jobs will be cut, this move may ultimately save a lot of jobs. Although it’s a failing organization, Sprint has a lot more capital than T-Mobile. T-Mobile has been financing a lot of spectrum purchases and is more profitable but they have a large amount of debt and together they can help balance each other out.

While T-Mobile continues to add customers more than other providers, there is a huge difference with the type of customers they are adding. Verizon and AT&T tend to add more high net worth clientele and corporations as well as the more profitable section of government contracts. T-Mobile and Sprint add more everyday customers and those that fall below the poverty line.

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This will force our rivals - AT&T, Verizon and the cable monopolies - to improve their services, increase their own capacity and lower prices even further.

It hasn't for the last two to three decades, why would you think it suddenly start would now?

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