Global electronics show focuses on health, transportation, home and lifestyles

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By Rob Lever

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"Chinese firms are looking at places like Latin America and Europe, where they have enormous opportunities," Bryant said.

They are still trying to make out like the image of CCP-run Chinese companies is slowly changing for the better. People aren't that stupid so this is all just window dressing, trying to keep Chinese vendors buying up their floor space in an effort to look like they're expanding outside China and threatening actual trustworthy companies... what a failure.

"The Chinese tech companies are very aggressive," he said. "Their domestic market is saturated, and they need to grow outside China

Ah, no they don't. They need to get outside of China at the behest of the CCP to expand their intelligence/corporate espionage/promoting fake goodwill to try and change the global negative view of CCP-run companies. Growth has nothing to do with it, they are only about projecting Chinese influence.

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