Google smartphone with AI-powered camera to go on sale in Japan in November


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I am sure associated spy / surveillance features will be incorporated into the phone for the benefit of all

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Google is starting to finally get the backlash they deserve for their actions much like the hate that M$ (Microsoft) brought upon its self years back.

Also, Google tends to fudge numbers quite a bit these days and to call the Pixel 3 XL screen a 6.3" screen is a bit of a stretch considering you can't play video or look at pictures in those two 'tabs' at the top corners of the screen.

Another gripe which I solely blame Google for is like the mindset of M$ in that they want to control EVERYTHING which is a tad ironic since the phone is supposed to be operating on a open source platform. The Pixel 3 once again has no SD slot and yet, unless things changed, the phone is made by HTC. The latest HTC U12+ which has the 6" screen and slightly better speeds has a SD slot.

Google is acting more and more like Apple which is why it keeps losing handset share.

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Body of a Galaxy and face of iPhone X.

Nice try Google.

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I think most next generation phones will do away with return buttons. You will need to either use your face or fingerprint to open your phone. In the future, everything will connected to some kind of bio-scan. That is great for governments and peddlers of personal information, but it is bad for privacy advocates.

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