Gov't to allocate up to ¥476 bil to TSMC chip plant


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Government has no business funding this private venture. The companies can raise capital or borrow as needed.

TSMC is building other plants outside Japan without direct government funding.

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Any reason why Japan Inc. isn't funding this with the huge sacks of cash it has stashed away? Japan seems to have moved to the Chinese model of state funding. And in other areas of policy too, such as tourism.

The US and Japan cannot stand and watch should China take back Taiwan if it means they lose their supply of chips. But once they have their own TSMC plants on their own soil, they can. Taiwan is progressively invalidating its own insurance policy.

Nice to see Kikuyo in the news.

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Kishida's "new capitalism" is actually socialism.

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Kishida's "new capitalism" is actually socialism

The American boogeyman.

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