Japan Inc exit from nuclear exports would leave field to Russia, China

By Makiko Yamazaki and Geert De Clercq

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How come sanctions are unable to stop the flood of orders for Russian power plants.

Billions are flowing into the Russian economy.

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I would only point out that after the disaster at Fukushima, both of the nuclear power plants in California were closed down. They still pose a public danger, since spent nuclear fuel is stored on site, but they pose less of a danger than active nuclear power plants. Thus, no one will be hired to build nuclear power plants here.

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both of the nuclear power plants in California were closed down.

That was because of the faulty Mitsubishi steam generators leaking radioactive water...

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Japan should just give up on Nuclear Power plant exports and concentrate on cleaning up existing plants in Japan. And work on Nuclear weapon defense systems in stead.

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"Green" politics supporters do a great favour to China actively trying to undermine industrial capacity of own countries. Please, go on.

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What people have to watch out for is that Russia and China have been known for being less strict on control of nuclear waste compared with Japan, the U.S. and European countries. Many of the countries that introduce nuclear power plants for the first time lack a road map for disposal of the spent nuclear fuel. Furthermore, countries building their first nuclear plants are faced with risks of radioactive contamination and theft of nuclear materials by terrorists and other criminal groups.

Moreover, should the safety standards haphazardly established by Russia and China spread to developing countries and become a de facto global standard, the rigorous international control of nuclear materials as envisioned by Japan, the U.S. and Europe will be undermined.

So who's going to take care of those nuclear wastes?

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China and Russia are not great examples of Nuclear safety. Although China hasn't yet had a major Nuclear disaster, as they do things in a big way, we can expect something to make Fukushima pale into comparison within the coming years unless they really clean up their act.

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