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Japanese researchers develop robot arms to unlock creativity

By Anton Bridge and Tom Bateman

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The video in the link is just weird.

Another total waste of research time and resources.

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And the photo caption

> Staff members control the robot arm control unit which is synced with wearable robot arms which Masahiko Inami wears. 


And the reason is that Imami has no control over them unless holding a remote control which sort of defeats the purpose of wearing the arms in the first place…

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Inami says he was inspired by traditional Japanese puppetry and a quasi-horror short story by novelist Yasunari Kawabata about a man who borrows a young woman's arm and proceeds to spend the night with it.

The prescient Scottish SF writer Iain Banks, PBUH, in his work the Hydrogen Sonata, also had the Antagonistic Undecagonstring, for which the player had to grow two extra arms to play.

Hope this is used similarly for creative pursuits and not just makework.

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Unless they can help the wearer use extra arms to carry heavy bags, open doors etc, this is pointless.

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Not long ago I watched a report on DW news about robotic arms being controlled by the eyes movements and helping doctors preform surgeries. The future looks very promising as more and more advanced robots can help us accomplish what our grandparents never dreamed off, good luck.

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this is the thing that separates Japan from other countries.

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Plenty of social issues and things that make a difference to people's lives should be funded more. These projects should be self funded. No wonder Uni of Tokyo continues to fall in ranking.

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ifd66Today  05:06 pm JST

The video in the link is just weird.

Another total waste of research time and resources.

The video itself is a waste of time.

But the concept has many potential applications, from helping disabled people to military use.

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Izumi-san is a genius pioneer in bionic medicine. Uneducated people call this dangerous. Letting robots run the world and control humans. I, as a scholar at prestigious Tokyo universities, beg to differ. This will be a wonderful advancement. These robot limbs are not dangerous but help the harmless people. This will allow the unfortunate to enjoy better lives, and do the limbo. Japanese medicine is ages ahead of European (ie. German) medicine and therefore it's amazing technology, will continue to better the world.

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Pickpocketing is going to get a lot more lucrative once these catch on.....

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Masahiko Inami of the University of Tokyo is a creative, innovative and skilled robotics genius.

No doubt.

That photo........the video.......?

Masahiko Inami could be diagnosed with having a few pages stuck together........ upstairs.

Does the lift reach the top floor?

The aim is to foster something like the relationship between musician and instrument, "lying somewhere between a human and a tool, like how a musical instrument can become as if a part of your body.

"In the future we might see wings growing out of people's backs, or drones attached to people ... Maybe someone will come up with a sport that requires six arms or invent a new type of swimming," Inami said.

Eccentricity perhaps, the tie the buttoned jacket, with a strap on device, mechanical tentacles, with a orange toy of sorts hanging on to a robotic limb.

If Masahiko Inami was to venture on the Tokyo metro tonight, taking his work home belted to such a mechanism, the entire carriage would empty with passengers scattering in all directions.

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Ridiculous nonsense. I can’t believe that he gets funds from tax payers to do such silly things. This is silly, useless, poorly thought, grotesque and just plain weird. This country keep wanting to do useless things that will never never have any impact whatsoever.

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Masahiko Inami could well be ahead of his time, the device could present ground breaking innovation in medical science tech.

What possessed him to agree to such a photo?

The technology need promoting in a more constructive PR exercise.

To invest, the development costs, and not fully realize that a team would be needed to champion advancement

marketing potential is self defeating

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Reminds me of the Indian images of power attributes to certain deity.

Its all in the brain, guys.

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Well, i know what Id use them for . . .

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A promotional video for the "Jizai Arms" shows two ballet dancers performing a routine with robotic arms protruding from their backs and torsos

Yes, that's what potential investors want to see. How to do silly dances with multi million dollar robotic arms.

Maybe next time show some practical uses with those Jizz Ai Arms. What kind of name is that anyway?

All I see in that main post picture is some joker who may or may not be a crossover offspring of Inspector Gadget and General Grievous.

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Didn't Spiderman already beat this guy?

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What kind of name is that anyway?


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I don't think the research was a waste, anything futuristic and works is a great way to think outside the box. Thinking outside of the box is something most people can't do or perhaps they are afraid of change therefore they resist it.

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Japanese companies used to lead the world with innovative automotive assembly line robotic arms, but they've fallen far behind the likes of Boston Dynamics and Tesla. Impractical devices such as this, Asimov, Pepper, and the animatronic creations of Hiroshi Ishiguro are, frankly, just sad.

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Now Chikan passengers in Japan can touch others 6 times more efficiently

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Robots can get uncontrolled and cause accidents such as poking a finger in another person's eye and blinding the eye! Be happy with the arms and fingers, legs and toes one has got. Don't try to play God.

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Machines and humans merging for a better future..

Way better than those ridiculous, scary Boston Dynamic garbage..

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OMG! Frankenstein!

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yikes, even more scary stuff... how about we try to be human instead? the robot fantasy has to end

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Looks like he is a thousand-armed kannon in Buddhism.

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I guarantee you Jeff Bezos saw this and immediately thought about how it could be applied to amazon warehouse workers. It may seem silly now, but it's going to get MONEY put into it.

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Jizz Ai Arms. What kind of name is that anyway?

I suppose it depends on what you use them for.

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