Japanese team builds skin message display

By Hiroshi Hiyama

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I wonder if that can read blood glucose sugar levels for diabetic people as well.

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too much

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its the sign of the cross!

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fine and dandy as long as they don't use this technology to ask for our palm prints in Narita airport

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It’s more like a pulse signal.

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too much

Really? i think its pretty cool and there are many possibilities. Rather this than AI

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The future of medicine and healthcare. Doctors that you can wear. I dig it too.

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I hope this is successful. Anything that helps improve healthcare in any way is positive. Good on Professor Someya and staff. 

This period of history is one of the quantified self, one in which each of us is seen as being made up of mathematical patterns. Some (see Y. Harari) are even going so far as to say that all living entities, including humans, are an assortment of organic (carbon based) bio-chemical algorithms. If so, the better the measurements, the better our health.

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Total garbage.

People including elderlies will be better off using an Apple Watch which does better today many things that this dude wants to achieve with this atrocity. This thing is ugly, makes you look like you are sick or something, and I quite doubt that it is as easy to wear as he claims.

This is just bad design. If technology is meant to be stuck on people skin, it must be far, far better than this.

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As a complementary to my previous post. Studies showed that the Apple Watch can be used to detect diabetes with an 85% accuracy, abnormal heart rhythm with up to a 97 percent accuracy, sleep apnea with a 90 percent accuracy and hypertension with an 82 percent accuracy when paired AI-based algorithm.

Again this is today stuff.

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Awesome technology. Did they fax the results to media outlets?

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The band-aid-like device is just one millimetre thick and can monitor important health data as well as send and receive messages, including emojis.

Of course you'll be able to send emojis... This country is far too obsessed with the goddamn emojis... What's next?

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