Mitsubishi Motors enlists Israeli startup as Japan plays catch up on connected cars


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This 'article' is just a (very) poor excuse to bash Japanese car companies.

The stupidly pessimistic headline is absolutely blown out by the second last paragraph:

What Otonomo offers is a way to scrub and standardize the data coming out of the vehicles and ensure its use conforms to the privacy laws of each region.

... which is nothing practical in terms of 'connected cars' current usability in the Japanese market. It's just another tie-up supposed to offer people more things they don't even need. And they call this playing catch up?

I have a T-Connect subscription and which it's kind of nice to show others your car's diagnostics and operate the navigation ahead of time and just message the car the destination, they only way they can expand on what they already have is 100% gimmicks. Wow Japan is so behind!

The 20% deficit in connected car sales in Japan compared to the US and Europe is the 'startling' way Japan is falling behind apparently.... oh no...

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In addition, the Japanese brands risk losing touch with an increasingly connected consumer globally.

Japan has in many ways lost touch with the consumers for years now! Sadly things here are going back to the 70's and 80's when they, Japanese manufacturers, needed products conceived abroad to copy and sell at a cheaper price after mass production.

This is one of the problems of the "group" mentality of getting work done. New ideas and innovation are stifled!

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There's no "catching up" going on by any of the big Japanese car makers, that not only are successful, lead sales, but also pioneer many technologies in this day and age (something you can't say about many American or even European brands). Gimmicky stuff aside, Japanese cars are some of the most sleek, reliable cars one can buy today.

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