Offshore wind farms could help capture carbon from air and store it long-term, saving money

By David Goldberg

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Capturing carbon to save money - what a stupid civilization we are !

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Massive money pit that would do more to harm the environment.

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Agreed! I don't know if this will really save money or not. It sure will kill a lot of birds and create a lot of waste when these massive things break. Without government subsidies, they would fail for sure, but I guess they are lucky. The taxpayers will bail them out if it doesn't go well. More debt won't help the country though.

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There will be no choice other than try and keep up with global warming and extract as much CO2 as possible. It is causing other greenhouse gasses to be released like massive stores of methane. All those decades of burning fossil fuels have to be reversed by putting CO2 in the gound. Just like the decommissioning of nuclear stations, storing spent fuel and contamination, there is a real future cost of cleaning up the damage done by burning petrol, oil, coal, and gas.

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Avoid conflicts and improve environmental stewardship .

Sounds like a scam to obtain government funding grants.

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Six comments so far, and all negative.

No positive side to this? No one wanting to see it succeed?

What are the alternatives, then?

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No one wanting to see it succeed?

I'm interested to see how it works out. Also, how would it compare to using the excess electricity to produce hydrogen a fuel?

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This CO2 capture makes little sense, but converting excess energy into hydrogen would work. Also shipping is getting away from bunker fuel and going to LNG and hybrid designs. =May have ships recharging off the shore in the future -that would definitely help with all the container ships sitting outside the Port of LA and Long Beach right now.

Eneti (NETi) and the "Jones Act" are the primary pivots on this. Search: "Capital Link Eneti"

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