Over 2.7 million cases of Emotet malware detected globally


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Over 2.7 million cases involving Emotet malware, considered the world's most dangerous

What does it do?

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Right. Maybe someone can tell us more about the virus?

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First discovered in 2014, Emotet can steal passwords and install remotely controlled programs including ransomware.

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Guys, there is a thing called google. And an amazing thing called wikipedia. Among others.

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Guys, there is a thing called google. And an amazing thing called wikipedia. Among others.

Lol you don't think the writer should have included some info to give context to this world's most dangerous malware?

Things like this article should include even most basic prevention tips.

Wiki, btw, is useful but best to complement it with authoritative sources

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Well, I know it's not in my iMac cuz my Internet got shut off, lol

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Doesn’t make sense to warn about, because people aware of such things probably don’t open mail attachments or know how to quickly react if it happened, and the normal average users don’t even read about it and continue happily opening every unsuspicious but attractive mail attachment, if it is designed or texted attractively enough, promising cheaper prices, giveaways of millions, free bonus points, gamble winnings, higher share profits or bank interest rates, a much better job, usually unreachable big steady income, whatever, you name it. Most people, or almost everyone, even the ones who are aware, have their personal and individual barrier when they , if above, open it anyway one day , inviting the virus or malware although fully alarmed and knowing.

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Recently I have reported many spam mails to use hotmail function, but the amount I receive have increased. Is

that neaningless??

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the amount I receive have increased. Isthat neaningless??

It's coincidental.

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