Rakuten to charge less than half the mobile phone fees of its rivals


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I'm been really anticipating Rakuten enters the market in full-throttle...

The mobile phone services are still very expensive here in Japan.

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Interesting to see that they're doing this as an MNO (a company with its own antennas and base stations), not a virtual operator reselling capacity on another provider's hardware.

Their coverage will be poor to start with in parts of the country, so a deep discount should be expected. The other companies all started at the same time, so they'll have lots of places with a poor or no signal. The other companies all have pretty good coverage now, even in the mountains.

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I have found rakuten to be very reasonable compared to the big 3. Prices have been as shown in the article for a long time. Not sure of the promotion other than hype.

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Rakuten give nothing away. I don't think that they have the tech to get other customers to defect.

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It is their heavy users only, that can take this up?

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I use Rakuten Mobile and pay only 1700 yen a month. Data plan isn't as big as the one in the article but it's way more than enough.

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I'd be a bit wary of promises and contracts. Lately, subscription services often use low-price introduction offers, then incrementally increases fees after a while. Netflix and Amazon prime started low... and as I am hooked on their upgrades, product/services I just cant help but agree to price increases.

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