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SoftBank service to help power self-driving buses, farm machinery

By Sam Nussey

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Right, first lets get car navigation systems the ability to automatically update themselves without having to pay for the service!

For work purposes, I often drive a rental car, and last year a new road opened up, with a bridge over the ocean, the mapping system on the car navi, has me driving over water!

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Car Navis leave much to be desired and have a long way to go as regards precision.

It can at times make you move in circles or force you to the expressway when it is not necessary.

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centimeter-level positioning is very accurate and could lead to safer road safety solutions in future.

what measures are being used to keep the data safe?

please keep the data safe.

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SoftBank's parent SoftBank Group Corp's portfolio companies control 90% of the world's ride-hailing industry

But Japanese consumers are stuck in cabs?

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@JustMy--Here it's different because, unlike many countries, the taxi industry is not made up of first generation immigrant/refugee drivers. Uber and Lyft in the most expensive U.S. cities like SF are dependent on refugees from Afghanistan etc. who might drive for both services to avoid break frequency safety rules, at least in some recent reporting I've read. Getting a larger pool of needy refugees working as drivers is one challenge to getting the rideshare business model off the ground in Japan, if emulating the way it works abroad is the intention.

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Great technology..! Seen it on farm machinery.

Makes sense, but it may take time to remedy safety and security issues which only human presence can sense, recognize and respond to at this time. AI from what I understand still has major obstacles in recognizing and making the proper sets of evaluations to respond effectively to safety and security threats, while it does well to physical obstacles and limited human actions.

Olympics has major security and safety issues going beyond the normal. Hopefully the technology can synchronize with the humans present that are providing safety and security for all.

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Hope they aren't like the yokohama self driving, or should I say self crashing, trains!...

Self driving farm machines sound amazing though, imagine how much profit local farmers could start raking in with less time spent harvesting and more time spent planning and maintaining. Not to mention an increase in quality, not that Japan has a problem there.

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Out walking and watching them at work may be wonder how it could be done with robots and drones. The day is hot and the work exhausting.

We aren't too far away from this becoming reality.

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