SoftBank targeting IPO for payment app PayPay

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By Sam Nussey

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1 Comment
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I am totally fed up with Softbank - they have lost my trust, and now, I will have to take them to task with some Contractual Legal backing.

I have a 1GB home internet connection without WiFi - they now reduced it arbitrarily to 100Mbps with WiFi without informing me. It happened once before when a shop assistant said I was on their 200Mbps plan with WiFi, but thats their new plan.. I'm still paying the old plan price...

So I plan to have Mr Son, in Court to epxlain this, in person. no messing around with middle men... get the man himself to explain his business approach of contractual changes on the quiet, and time to put him out of his Business.

Mr Son... Your days are numbered.

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