Subaru sets mid-2030s target to sell only electric vehicles worldwide


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Somebody has to lead the way. Go Subaru!

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Their boxer engine with it’s low center of gravity is their main advantage. Otherwise, why buy a Subaru?

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Well, I might consider a Subaru that doesn't have a Boxer engine and a CVT, assuming electric chargers are widespread by then.

Both are reliability nightmares; the Boxer engine burns oil while the CVT breaks between 60K~100K miles and requires a $3K rebuild.

For now, I would only consider cars with regular automatic or DCT transmissions, which limits my options to Toyota, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, and Genesis.

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Much too little, way too late.

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Electric vehicles, outside of Tesla, are simply not selling well in any world market. Even government fleet purchases can't hide this. Subaru will never go through with this pledge - it would be corporate suicide. I say this as a Subaru owner who would love to have an affordable, electric option.

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Where Subaru go ?....

Ho...They tryed to build only electric cars and the world wasn't ready for them.....

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Subaru Corp set a target on Monday for all the vehicles it sells worldwide to be electric by the first half of the 2030s, in a move toward its long-term goal of a carbon-free society.

Contradiction right there... electric vehicles does not mean carbon-free. Besides that, what does carbon-free even mean? We are carbon-based life forms... carbon free would mean we all have to die.

Reducing fossil fuel consumption is of course a good goal, but we do we need this corporate hype?

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