The tech behind Tokyo Olympics' fast track


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In addition to the shoes, the heat would contribute to a fast track too, giving the runners more bounce.

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Ben Johnson could have ran a 9.3 on that track.

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My high school gave the track and field club no money (all went to football), so our track was dirt. When it rained, foot impressions formed that then solidified like concrete impressions once things dried up, creating a very uneven running surface. My, my - tartan tracks! Such luxury!

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Omg, What a tragedy… no money for the school’s track and field club and an uneven running surface? I am so very depressed now…not. How about running anywhere else or go to the public pool, there aren’t no uneven foot impressions at all in the water. lol

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Y'know, Sven, we HAD to compete there. I did the two mile - that's eight laps with many chances to sprain an ankle. I ain't complaining; runners don't need much, just a decent pair of shoes and a good stretch of road. And water. Also, unless you're Jesus, I don't believe any track events are held at a pool.

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