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Tokyo Electron to honor U.S. blacklist of Chinese firms

By Makiko Yamazaki

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Denying exports at the whim of in chaotic Trump and US White House is self defeating, how long before your company profits suffer and you have to start laying off your workers. China doesn't care about threats, tariffs or boycott, it only encourages China to be more self reliable. Look at China's growth it the last 40 years, China has overtaken all other world economies. People may criticize China for many things, but the one party system of government and their 5 yearly plans seem to work, hasn't anyone been paying attention, and lets not forget India in this equation, look at their rise.

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Well, be slave to America. Black list this company in Asia.

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I don't think the chinese have short memory. Don't cry foul when one day these companies are excluded from the chinese market.

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Tokyo Electron  should consider that they may on the US hit list one day. Tokyo Electron should remember what Trump said: "America First" and to hell with the rest'. It looks like Tokyo Electron is prepared to be blackmailed, threatened and intimidated by Washington. The executives of Tokyo Electron need to get backbones.

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Companies should know that any business you do with China, they will replicate your tech i.e. steal it. It takes nothing but a 5 minute stroll around any major city in China to see fake stores from "Apple", "Levi's", even popular ramen chains in Japan are replicated there except for the low quality of the actual ramen.

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