Toshiba to sell chip unit to Japan-U.S.-South Korea group


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While some had apparently expressed support for the plan, it was eventually rejected as many in the company could not overcome the distrust against the U.S. firm following a bitter dispute between the two companies over the sale of the unit.

Find whatever excuses you want, the real reason is that the government is helping to bail them out, and THAT is what they wanted in the first place!

 Current ownership structure of DBJ is solely owned by the Government of Japan through Minister of Finance.

So the Japanese consumers are going to be assisting to bail out Toshiba. Screw that!

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How long must zombie companies be held afloat? Is status quo really greater than future indentured servitude?

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Does anyone win here ?

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Ulster, I hope we, the consumers, win. Doubt it though...

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I hope that someday they can buy it back.

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