U.S. lawmakers accuse Big Tech of crushing rivals to boost profits

By Nandita Bose and Diane Bartz

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Isn't that what one would expect? The side with more money and manpower will win.

Out of the mentioned companies, Alphabet Inc/Google is probably the one that holds the most sway over the most people. Which search engine do most westerners use? Google. In Japan, Yahoo uses Google's search algorithms so Japanese may be unaware they're using Google.

Facebook is social media, Apple is electronics, and Amazon is e-commerce. There is still competition for these businesses. But I'd take Google over Bing any day...

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These huge companies hurt consumers in a very subtle way, killing off smaller companies and strangling other businesses. The charge is that they are in fact damaging the economy.

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"killing off smaller companies and strangling other businesses."

Most of the owners of these smaller businesses live to be bought out by a big global firm, cash that big check and retire. If Congress made it truly hard for them to be bought out, which Congress should do btw, you would quickly hear a chorus of whining from such businesses and their lobbyists complaining about lost opportunities to "grow" or "compete".

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