Zozo, using measurement taking bodysuit, expands bespoke service

By Sam Nussey

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Is it just me, or do none of those suits looks particularly well fitted? The button on the jacket seems to be pinching the fabric too tightly, making a crease across the lower chest.

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pant legs aren't long enough. i can see his ankles. who took his measurements?

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The only suit that comes close to looking like something I might have worn, when I wore that sort of 'uniform', is on the guy at the far right.

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Horrible looking suits, won't wear one even if offered to me for free.

The fat guy and Maezawa himself have not done any justice to the publicity.

They both look terrible.

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I also thought that with the exception of the guy on the right, all of these are examples of a bad fit. I also hate to see neckties sticking out of the bottom half of a buttoned jacket. Either leave the jacket unbuttoned and show the entire tie, or get a jacket that hides the bottom half of the tie when buttoned.

Many way, looks like their measurement system needs some tweaking.

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“Many way” — Anyway

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