A heads-on look at Sony's virtual reality goggles


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Morpheus and Oculus Rift won't be in direct contest - Morpheus would only be for PS4, while Oculus for PCs. Both would likely be around $300 when the consumer versions come out.

Anyways, here's the early specs for both:

PS4 Project Morpheus Oculus Rift Crystal Cove Display LCD OLED Resolution per eye 960x1080p 960x1080p Panel size 5 inch 5.6 inch Internal motion sensors Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometers, magnetometers External motion sensors PlayStation 4 Camera External PC camera Motion sensor speed 1000Hz 1000Hz Field of View 90 degrees 90 degrees Connection interface HDMI and USB USB, DVI and HDMI Audio 3D audio, plus headphone jack support None Controller compatibility PS Move, Dualshock 4 All PC controllers
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How virtual do you need to be to enjoy life?

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As Sony PS4 selling great all over the world , with number of 6 million sold PS4 at this moment, this goggles has bright future, specially if price will be good . And also, this piece of equipment could prove decisive , if they really bring virtual reality, then, what waiting, PS4 is must have piece of gaming .

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The military may also be interested if the view is transparent. Will probably work like a In Helmet display and cheaper then the one used for F-22.

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don;;t be too harsh- kinect was first released on Xbox 360 only, this is proof of concept work here.

as for Oculus rift- if might have a chance- might not- too early to tell- but i expect there will be another kickstarter soon.

the big difference here is oculus is more apt to motion sickness than morpheous

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Risky project by Sony. This is gonna get demolished by the Oculus Rift.

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VR looks really interesting, but it should be made available across all platforms really. I'm willing to bet that there would be people who would queue up for weeks to get Halo or Legend of Zelda if they implemented virtual reality as well.

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So they're supposed to be tied to the Playstation. What a pity, if they opened it up to the PC market, they could possibly knock Oculus right out of the water. Personally I'm rooting for OR but if Sony comes up with something equal for a lower price or perhaps better, I'd be VERY interested.

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