A large solar storm could knock out the power grid and the internet

By David Wallace

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Be prepared to live without power

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Be prepared to live without food, water, transport, communication, hospitals, in fact civilisation!

Society would collapse, the author has understated its impact.

He is right we should be protecting our systems and designing them to be resistant but like so much it will be kicked down the road as politicians can’t see any benefit to their reelection prospects from it.

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Be prepared to be unable to charge your Tesla.

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Similar can presumably be achieved with electromagnetic pulse weapons.

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is only a matter of time before the Earth is hit by another geomagnetic storm

つちょう passbooks are useful

Cash is good

Gold is ‘golden’

And cryptocurrencies would not exist both actually and hypothetically

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This is one of the reasons why everyone should get started in ham radio. If the power and internet goes out, people can still communicate through battery run amateur radio.

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And no mention of the 2012 near miss.

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Hervé L'EisaMar. 23  11:22 pm JST

And no mention of the 2012 near miss.

That one spanned from Quebec City almost to Columbus, Ohio.

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