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Activists press Apple to oppose Vietnam's detainments of climate experts

By Stephen Nellis

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given that the country has become a key manufacturing hub for the iPhone maker.

So making things in a country is now a license to dictate national politics there?

This commies-under-the-bed paranoia is getting old fast (again).

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Apple's human rights and environmental policies are empty public relations verbiage meant to impress a gullible public. The reality is that money talks and everything else is a distant second place. Apple could care less about human rights in Vietnam. They only care that their stuff is built cheaply with no labor disruptions.

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Apple do not control other peoples' governments. If you are upset with Apple, don't buy their stuff. If you are upset with the government of Vietnam, get off your bum and away from your PC, go park yourselves outside their embassy and protest there.

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