Ad-blocking software use for mobile devices surges: study


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Wierd world we live in....

First they create virus(ads in this case) and make money.

Then they create antivirus(ad blockers) and make more money.

Did someone even bother to ask the end user whether they ever wanted to have ads on their phones in first place?

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Thanks for letting me know about ad blockers JT!

I've just installed one and it has already removed the ads on this page.

Everything looks a lot better.

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Honestly I hope so, I wish people would pay for their digital content without being annoyed by ads and without being spammed by artificial inflated free market where the norm is fake install.

Lowering the value of digital content to users's eyes with ads or free is what professional developers/publishers should really worry for their own future (users should too btw).

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The ads on here are not really intrusive. Many sites I visit these days claim I have an ad blocker installed, but I don't. I have Javascript, Java and Flash turned off by default. Static ads will be shown, but videos etc. will not load. It keeps processor usage down and increases battery life.

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Mr. Holly put Ad Block "something or other" on our Chrome browser, and surfing without said ads is so much less intrusive. I have never really understood ads, as any products I buy are usually "word of mouth." I can't say everyone buys products like this, though. Big companies should do a 1 month of no-advertising at all and see if their overall sales are any better/worse.

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@Scrote, you get those messages because you have JavaScript disabled, this because most ads require JavaScript to load themselves. The messages you are seeing, are always visible by default, but hide when the ads are (being) loaded.

There is no viable way to check against adblockers and a war on adblockers will probably also make website lose non adblocking customers by mistake or pure annoyance.

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