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After FTX collapse, cryptocurrency sector fights back


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Just buy random penny stocks if you got money to spare or don't mind the crippling anxiety of the volatility. As least then you don't need to worry about the exchange itself stealing your money and the authorities coming to save you.

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It’s get, get, get, …plus $20.

What’s not to like?

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El Salvador is doing really well after adopting Bitcoin..... LOL

I am of course joking..... Now an even worse basket case economy.

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The space is anti-regulation, anti-control, aka "protection." 

They were in bed with the regulators, perhaps even literally. I don't know why the mods deleted my previous comment. It's essential that people learn the regulators are part of the racket.

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Prime example of the investment bubble. More to come.

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Why fight back? without a complete reworking of how crypto is being used this is only going to happen again soon.

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Reminds me of the stuffed animal bubble, Beanie Babies, but at least the stuffed animal had a smidgen of utility. Cryptocurrency mining consumes as much electricity as the entire country of the Netherlands - for what? - a blockchain code. More proof that humans are insane.

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Takes investors' money but does nothing for society, now even helping with liquidity in a crisis as promised, but has now been debunked over and over.

Like 'growth' stocks that never ever pay a dividend, big no from me.

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Bankman-Fried didn’t employ blockchain technology in his exchange. He employed centralized services that lacked transparency. The lack of transparency runs counter to what the blockchain industry was built upon. 

If blockchain technology had been employed, the collapse would have been avoided. The undercollateralized loans, the hole in the balance sheet, the lending of user funds… all of it would have been sniffed out on day one.

This all came about due to one man’s greed, not a flaw in the industry

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Because no one ever saw something like this happening. LOL.

undermined investor confidence 

If you were an investor and had any degree of "confidence" in the crypto market, you were really naïve.

The rescue plan undermines the crypto credo, no? The space is anti-regulation, anti-control, aka "protection." If you play with fire...ouch!

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